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How are mothers coping with the pandemic? Stories from our team in Nepal

How are mothers around the world coping and adapting to the global pandemic? In honor of mother's day, we asked our team to share their stories about what it is like being a mother during the nationwide lockdown in Nepal. Both Soni and Suma work with Aerosan in Kathmandu to provide environmentally sustainable sanitation services- which are now temporarily closed (on most days) due to the pandemic.

Here's Suma’s story, who is caring for her daughter Safrona during the lockdown in Nepal:

“Being a mother means having many responsibilities for your entire family, and this is something that a mother can never get off-duty for. Parenting is not an easy task, especially at times like this, when it is uncertain what will happen next and how we can manage everything. Recently, my daughter fell seriously ill due to an infection. She needs more care, love and support - more than ever - to recover well. Most of the time, I am honestly very stressed in trying to manage the hospital expenses with my husband who is also out of work due to the lockdown. However, I try to forget all the existing problems and stress simply by looking at my child’s face with the great innocence that she carries.’’

Here's Soni’s story , who is caring for her daughter Samdan:

‘’If there is one good thing that has come out of this lockdown, for me, it has to be the chance to spend enough time with my daughter. Being able to pamper her with all love and care, which would have been rather difficult for a working mother on normal days. However, this time also brings to mind a plethora of negative thoughts regarding her future and other adverse effects of this crisis. To avoid these thoughts, we mostly spend time by making Tik Tok videos, this helps us distract ourselves and enjoy whatever is possible, at this moment.’’

Aerosan is extremely thankful to our team for keeping the communication channels open in order to support one another during these challenging times. You can learn more about us at

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