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Health & Hygiene

Aerosan has been working with the Water Health and Applied Microbiology Lab (WHAM) at Temple University’s Public Health department for the past two years. Our goal is to implement an evidence-based cleaning protocol and evaluation methods to ensure our facilities are as hygienic as possible (on par with private toilets)  in which HUB toilet operators from the Sanitation Workers Co-op are trained.


At scale, hygienic community toilets and safely managed waste will help reduce the spread of disease and environmental damage and enhance the community’s ability to engage in productive work.

Though household toilets are critical for people to meet their needs, shared facilities may be the best option in high density and low-income settings. Moreover, our HUBs are located at high-traffic urban areas, serving many people who spend over 12 hours a day outside their homes, without access to an office toilet (street vendors).

A pilot study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of cleaning practices and highest risk surfaces in communal latrines. 

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