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AEROSAN sustainable sanitation in Nepal


In response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Aerosan engaged with local NGOs to offer its services in sanitation solutions, and our field assessments revealed the public toilet crisis. There are not enough public toilet facilities to meet the needs of the urban population in Nepal. Also, existing toilets are in bad condition, not properly cleaned or maintained, and often un-usable, especially for women. Moreover, toilet waste is not treated before being discharged into nearby water bodies.


To address these issues, Aerosan established a public toilet social enterprise in Nepal, which implements the Aerosan HUB model, providing public sanitation facilities to the local community in a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable manner.  As a social enterprise, all profits are re-invested to improve community sanitation. 



By incorporating technological & socio-economic solutions, Aerosan works to increase demand/attractiveness of public toilet facilities for men and women, increase management/maintenance incentives for sanitation workers, and decrease environmental impact of human waste.  Our model is a public private partnership between our social enterprise and the municipality in question.

Our Plans

Aerosan is now scaling up the number of our Public Toilet HUBs in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. We have designed, built and now operate 7 such public toilets, employing 25 women from the Dalit community as operators. Over the next 3 years we plan to build a further nine facilities.

We are also working with partners across the globe to pilot our model in other underserved communities. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us for a pilot in your community. 

Aerosan's social enterprise subsidiary, Aerosan Sustainable Sanitation Pvt Ltd, was officially registered in 2019 with the support of Grand Challenges Canada. 


HUBs operating across the Kathmandu Valley


toilet visits a year
Aerosan continues to expand across Nepal & plans to pilot our model around the world
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